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Trying To Identify Theme Based On Description Of Music?

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Tried asking this in the TV programme forum with no result. Hope it's alright to ask here. The first few measures of some theme music keep bubbling into my consciousness, but I can't quite place it. Most likely it's part of the soundtrack for a suspense, spy or mystery film. I've surveyed famous films and eliminated anything done before the 60s or after the 90s. Changes in style.

My clues:

1-Instrumental, no lyrics.

2-What it sounds like: Opening note is a single note on a plucked string instrument. Probably a metal string but not necessarily a guitar. (Might be an ethnic Greek instrument.) There's significant but not excessive reverb. The effect is somewhere between the sound of a towering note echoing in a warehouse and the peal of a distant church-tower bell. Slow tempo. Then there's a few bass notes introducing the bottom. The the note again, which I'll call "Tanggg" cause that's how it might look as a word. A few other instruments begin to flesh out the song. As memory serves me, it has a bit of Eastern Europe "feel" to it. Found some John Barry music that came close but not what I'm hearing.

Anyone have a tip?