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hi i have a suggestion/request that'd id' like to say which is...

i listen to the radio a bit anytime and i often hear nice music used in the ads and so i looked in the UK section (as i'm english) but there's nothing for radio ads and until just a few days ago i just decided to look in the US section and i relised they had a place called 'Radio ad music' which is exact place i need, except its only in USA so therefore i was wondering if it would be possible if u could do the same for UK?
i appreciate all your hard work and therefore i was thinking that there doesn't need to be someone equivalent to fatdad or rob (who are one of the best) , like a moderator, who listens to the radio all the time, but as long as there is a place there, other members can post in there if they've been listening to the radio, especailly if it's a well known radio ad
hmm i went on a bit too long but i hope someone thinks about this plz :)

thanks for listening/reading



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sorry i aint seen this post until now i dont get over this section much and i cant tell you what is happening about a radio section, when i get a chance to talk to rob i will tell him about your idea

thanks regards fd